Her Business Is My Pleasure!

One of the great perks of being a successful businessman has to be the travel. My work takes me around the country, often for weeks at a time. While it’s always interesting to work, and experience a new city, it can however sometimes get a little lonely. This is especially the case when working long hours every day – the idea of finding a casual hookup in a bar simply isn’t realistic.

Therefore, for quite a few years now I always treat myself every week to the services of a gorgeous teenage escort. Since the whole ‘girlfriend experience’ has become the norm of what to expect when on a date with an escort, it’s simply the perfect tonic to a long week of stress and effort. Some would say there’s an element of being the ‘sugar daddy’ too – and frankly they’d be right!

However, one of the best possible experiences that occurs more often than you’d maybe think is when your date happens to be especially new to the escorting scene. Remember that many of these ladies are using escorting to pay through college or provide a quality second income. They’re smart, engaging company and every single time absolutely drop dead gorgeous. The number of times we’ve been mistaken for father and daughter is well into double digits now!

The experience aspect really does help make a date though. As a middle-aged guy who has been about over the years, it’s great to help put nervous girls at ease. Frankly it’s great for personal self-esteem to see a girl who lacks a little confidence or experience come out of her shell and feel at ease. It’s even better when the evening invariably ends up with her boldly slipping out of her evening dress too!

Obviously, most escorts look to provide a happy ending at the conclusion of the night. Personally, I like to pay a little extra for an overnight stay, something which again makes the girl – and myself – feel more comfortable, less rushed and quite simply up for having an amazing time together. There’s also the important, for me anyway, factor of not making girls feel rushed – something which is often a problem with inexperienced escorts. Helping the girl feel comfortable and shared makes my experiences twice as good as it would be with an ‘on the clock’ date.

Don’t forget though that at the end of the day this is an adult escort service. Clients such as me pay well to enjoy the company of stunning young women, and helping guide them through the date – and the sex – means that you will have by far and away a better experience. So, next time you’re planning on dating an escort, remember these pointers if you’re a similarly middle aged gentleman as you can be sure it’ll make your evening much better!

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