London escort is very supportive of my decisions in life

I am so grateful for my latest life now since I have someone to run to be my constant supporter. She is a fantastic woman and very easy to call. All my life I want someone to be there for me, someone to encourage me rather than discourage. Someone that will always be there to make me happy when I lose hope. Someone to give me strength when I am weak.


All my life I experienced cruelty and discouragement in the people I have surrounded. I thought of they will be the one to raise me up, but I was wrong. I am so sad how my family treated me, well, my second family instead. I stayed with mom and her new family, but it was unfair to me. The love is only intended for the family except for me; they will let me feel out of the group, My stepfather maltreated me, in my small mistakes I was beaten and been saying hurtful words about me. I miss my deceased father so much; he was very different from Tito Carlos. He was a very understanding man and treated everyone fair. I have seen my father how he love so many children, especially for those on the streets. When we are together, he will always take out food to give into street children and say to me that I must be lucky that I still have parents while those young people are raising themselves alone. I wish I could visit my father in heaven and talk all my pain inside me. Mom was prohibited from speaking or bonding too much about me; I was hidden every occasions and event. They introduce me as their boy and look at my mother’s sad eyes. She can’t react because Tito Carlos also controlled her. I am still studying, and that is because mom agreed to distance from me to convince Tito Carlos to send me to school. But it was still hard for me because every day I am serving their family and even on sick days I don’t have an excuse.


I keep telling myself to be brave and not to be carried away by the flows of life. I have to continue our dreams with my father. He wanted me to graduate, but unfortunately, he was not there anymore to witness that particular event in my life. Years passed, all my hard work has paid off, I graduated from college and thinking to move out of the house but still aren’t so sure. Until I met a  London escort which I shared my plans and experiences in life visit London escorts £99p/h, quality cheap London escorts agency, I am so delighted by her wisdom of life and giving me advice. I feel like London escort is very supportive of my decisions in life

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