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How to look after and love your gents when you work as an escort in London

Are you thinking about becoming an escort in London? In that case, there are a few things which you need to know about escorting. We have just been joined by a couple of new girls here at Bellingham escorts of Like so many girls who are getting into escorting at the moment, they think it is going to be a complete doodle. I have worked in the service for a long time and really dedicated myself to escorting in London. It is a great job, but you should never lose sight of the fact that you need to look after people.

I think that escorting in London requires complete commitment to the job. If I was not escorting with Bellingham escorts, I really think that I would like to be a nurse. I love looking after people and more than anything I love looking after my gents here at Bellingham escorts. My regulars know that I will come out to see anytime of the night and day when they feel that they need my company. All they need to do is to pick up the phone and give me a call, and I will be right there.

Are you working as an escort in London? In that case, can I ask you if you know your dates personally. I have met so many escorts in London who do not know their dates personally. It is a real shame as they would find it is nice to get to their dates. One of the reasons I am so busy at Bellingham escorts sis simply because I love looking after my gents on a personal basis. I cater for each and everyone of them on a personal basis and make sure that they get the most out of their dates.

Should you know your gent’s taste? This is perhaps one of the most important factors of escorting, and I would encourage all escorts to find out that little bit more about their gents. Is he into BDSM or he is perhaps interested in duo dating? If a gentleman is knew to the many exciting experiences he can have hear at Bellingham escorts, I make sure that I explain everything to him. You never know what is going to turn him on.

Are there any particular factors which you should pay attention to? I make sure that I have the right lingerie on all of the time. Don’t presume that your gent is going to love you in that lace assemble that you think you look so cute. I date one gent here at Bellingham escorts who just loves to see me in Calvin Klein underwear. Am I happy to put it on for him? Of course, I am happy to slip into something different. He spoils me and I love to spoil him right back. That is how an escort should be thinking about dating when it all comes down to it. If you can do that, you will be a success at your local escort agency.…